“Zušu Villa” terms of use

Dear Guests!

To make your stay in the holiday home “Zušu Villa” (hereinafter referred to as ZV) much more pleasant and understandable, we would like to provide information that could be useful to you:

-address: “ZUŠI”, Bērzciems, Engure parish, Tukuma county, LV 3113

– internet WiFi: ZusuKlēts (password zususeta.lv)

owner’s tel. No.: +371 29130223 (IVO)
+371 25414767(ANETE)


-restaurant “CAFE VIZBULI”:
Nr.:+371 2942934(MĀRCIS)

-local fish delicacies (food):
Nr:+371 26676283(IVETA)

Emergency No.:
No.: 112 (police, fire, ambulance)

Alarm and entry/lock security code: unique for each apartment and will be given before entry

Essential terms of ZV direct booking:

  1. By making a ZV reservation directly from the host, you have the opportunity to get an immediate cost estimate without commission fees;
  2. The accommodation fee includes the rent of accommodation for up to 6 persons as well as a one-time fee for final cleaning. An additional fee is applied for a larger number of persons (up to 2 pers.). Please let us know about additional people in advance.
  3. In order for the reservation to be confirmed, you must pay a security deposit in the amount of EUR 150 according to the issued invoice, which will serve as security for the reservation and to cover possible damages and other unforeseen costs. The security deposit is refunded to the bank account you specified within 5 working days from your departure.
  4. Payment of the bill for accommodation must be made according to the rules of the booking portal, but no later than 1 (one) month before arrival. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the security deposit and the reservation will be cancelled!
  5. All invoices are issued and sent electronically and the method of payment is through bank transfer or card payment. By paying the security deposit, you confirm that you are aware of the terms of use of ZV, will follow them, and agree to the processing of personal data, which is done for the purpose of providing guest accommodation and service.

Essential terms of use of ZV:

  1. If you have received the keys, the security code of the holiday home “Zušu Villa” and entered the house, this means that you have the right to use the holiday home as accommodation, rest or work environment for the paid period, and spend the best days of your life, absorb energy, improve yourself, to enjoy the charm of the seaside village and the power of nature;
  2. Inside and outside the premises, you can safely use the furnishings, equipment, installations and inventory in it, observing the meaning of their use, without additional payment. In the event that something is accidentally or accidentally damaged or torn, we expect full compensation accordingly. Please note and inform the host within 2 hours after your arrival if any defects and damage to the premises and equipment have been found. Later claims will not be accepted.
  3. “Zušu Sēta” has built a wooden boardwalk to the sea and a floating wooden terrace (pontoon) during the summer season. Our guests can safely use it and use it as a place to store their belongings when going for a swim, as well as a place where they can sunbathe, drink tea or coffee, and observe the views of nature. The maximum number of people on the terrace is 4 (four) people, on the boardwalk please keep a distance of 2 m, as too much weight can damage its structure. For relaxation purposes, the light garden furniture specified by the owner can be placed on the terrace. Please bring them to the accommodation after use.
  4. Consumables (firewood, charcoal, ignition liquid, household chemicals, etc.) can be used and used, but when leaving, they must be renewed in the amount received.
  5. ZV also has a sauna. Please set the temperature (recommended up to + 90 C) and heating time (recommended up to 1 h) in the sauna so as not to risk your health by overheating. After using the sauna, please turn off the sauna so as not to waste energy resources, and also leave the premises so that moisture does not damage the building. It is forbidden to bring and use alcohol in the sauna, it is possible to increase the humidity level by pouring water on the stones (without flavorings), usage of sauna brooms (leaf, rattan, etc.), which have an irreversible effect on wooden products, is not allowed, please use sauna towels for sitting.
  6. We separate the waste: glass containers, plastic and organic waste are separated and placed separately in the places specified by the host. When leaving, take the waste to the designated disposal sites in Bērzciems.
  7. When leaving, the premises and territory, inventory and equipment must be left in their designated places, clean, tidy and in no worse condition than when received, allowing for a reasonable degree of wear and tear. When using an outdoor grill, please leave it clean and in good working order for other people. Additional payment for cleaning the outdoor grill – 20 EUR.
  8. What is not allowed in ZV: smoking indoors, parties, housing animals, making noise after 11.00 pm, inappropriate behavior, damage to furniture. For non-compliance with this rule, as well as for not leaving the premises in proper order or violating any other essential rule of use of ZV, the Guest must expect an additional fee of -100 EUR for each case.
  9. We must protect the environment and nature around us. We are a part of it!

We wish our guests to enjoy their stay in our holiday home! We hope that our contribution will bring you peace, joy and happiness!