Zušu sēta

Peaceful recreation complex by the sea

Zušu Sēta Seaside Retreat is a recreation complex by the Baltic Sea, in Bērzciem, in the Engure National Nature Park. This peaceful, nature-surrounded recreation complex gives you the opportunity to enjoy the untouched magic of Latvia – sea, forest, lake, meadows and marshes, while at the same time enjoying the cultural and traditional heritage of the fishing village.

The recreation complex has been created in one of the oldest village properties 50 m from the sea shore. Accommodations offered in the complex: Zušu Klēts – a horse stable built in 1901, rebuilt (in 2022) into four 2-story modern apartments with a view of the sea.

Zušu Villa is a premium class 2-storey new wooden building (year 2019) with 3 bedrooms, sauna, terraces and balconies with a nice view of the sea.

The Zušu Sēta stands on one of the four oldest private properties in Bērzciems – the plot of land was purchased from the Russian Tsar in 1896. Gradually, a residential house, a barn, a sauna and in 1901 a granary, which was later used as a horse stable, were built there. 2006. In 2006, the farm was bought by the current owners, but the changes started here only seven years ago, when SIA “Zušu Sēta” was established, which built the holiday house “Zušu Villa” and renovated the historical building “Zušu Klēts”.

The renovation of the Zušu Klēts project was completed with the partial support of European funding and the involvement of the LAD and the association “Partneriba laukiem und jūrai”.

A place where you can forget everyday worries and indulge in the magic of nature

Zušu villa

Zušu klēts

At the end of 2023

Zušu Klēts (Conversion of the granary/horse stable building into a tourist accommodation) was nominated for the Latvian Architecture Year Award 2023 (LAGB 2023) among large buildings of educational institutions, office buildings, cultural objects and medical institutions and reached the semi-finals, competing with such objects as the Riga Circus, etc.

in 2023

The Zušu Sēta won the Latvian Traders Association award as “Latvia’s best trader” in the nomination of hotels and accommodation.

At the end of 2023

The Zušu Sēta was also nominated for the “Lielais Jēkabs 2023” annual tourism award of the Kurzeme Tourism Association.

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